Government - In order for you to be an informed voter

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In order for you to be an informed voter, you must be familiar with the candidates who you are going to vote for, and the issues that will appear on the ballot. This requires a little bit of research. For this project you’ll be researching and preparing a presentation about your local representative in Congress.

Follow these steps:

  • Choose a senator from your state (Texas), or your district’s (District 9 or 22) representative to the House of Representatives. Remember, we are examining the national level Congress, not your state representatives.
  • Research and find information about this individual. You’ll want information about his/her biographical background, level of education, previous career, other political offices held, political party, voting record, stance of major issues, Congressional committees he/she is part of, etc.
  • Create a PowerPoint presentation or a website with this information. Be sure to include graphics and color to make the presentation visually appealing as well as informative.
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