GEOGRAPHY 1004 - Why is India in a strategically powerful

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Why is India in a strategically powerful position in the world market right now?

Select one:

a. It has a growing small-business class

b. It got a few perks from British neocolonialism

c. It has strong tertiary and quaternary sectors

d. Both B and C

e. Actually, all of the above are true

Pakistan is still one of the biggest recipients of US foreign aid, due mostly to the continuing...

Select one:

a. War of China

b. proliferation of nuclear weapons

c. War on Terror

d. conflict in Kashmir

e. oil embargoes

In Western China, the predominant ethnic group is...

Select one:

a. Chinese

b. Mandarin

c. Uyghur

d. Mongolian

e. Tibetan

Which of the following IS NOT a Chinese province that the Plaid Avenger includes as part of the Central Asian region?

Select one:

a. Xinjiang

b. Tibet

c. Inner Mongolia

d. Mongolia

e. Actually, all the above are Chinese provinces named as part of Central Asia

f. None of the above, China wants nothing to do with Central Asia

Each -stan country is defined by...

Select one:

a. Its major culture

b. Its major religion

c. Its major ethnicity

d. Its major race

e. All of the above

f. None of the above

A region that is land-locked...

Select one:

a. has no coastline or direct access to the oceans.

b. has a static biome.

c. has land owned by a sole single entity.

d. has strategic military advantages.

e. Actually, all of the above were mentioned in the chapter

f. None of the above

The country that Vladimir Putin is focusing hardest on to reassert authority in is...

Select one:

a. Azerbaijan

b. Ukraine

c. Romania

d. Georgia

e. Belarus

f. Armenia

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