GEOGRAPHY 1004 - The tectonic activity in Africa is mostly

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The tectonic activity in Africa is mostly...

Select one:

a. Transformative, grinding out earthquakes

b. Divergent, creating valleys

c. Convergent, lifting mountains

d. All of the above - Africa is tectonically busy

e. None of the above - Africa chills on its own plate

After the carving up of Africa at the Berlin Conference, which European country had the LEAST amount of territory on the continent?

Select one:

a. UK

b. France

c. Belgium

d. Spain

e. Germany

Ethiopia gained independence from its colonial masters in which year?

Select one:

a. 1980

b. 1965

c. Trick question: It was never a colony.

d. 1970

e. 1975

f. 1960

Which of the following two countries are most notable as areas of boundary stress between Northern and Sub-Saharan Africa?

Select one:

a. Nigeria and Somalia

b. Somalia and Sudan

c. Sudan and Nigeria

d. Chad and Mali

e. Mali and Ethiopia

f. Ethiopia and Chad

Which of the following names was Africa given because of how little was known about it for so long?

Select one:

a. Impenetrable Continent

b. Hidden Continent

c. Dark Continent

d. Black Continent

e. Invisible Continent

f. Impassable Continent

As of 2012, what percent of the world's HIV-positive population lived in Sub-Saharan Africa?

Select one:

a. 40

b. 50

c. 60

d. 70

e. 80

f. 90

How many African delegates attended the Berlin Conference?

Select one:

a. 30

b. 0

c. 40

d. 20

e. 10

f. 50

If we were to categorize the old Ottoman-style "sultante" in the modern political spectrum, it would be a(n)

Select one:

a. Democracy

b. Theocracy

c. Oligarchy

d. Monarchy

e. Anarchy

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