GEOG 101 - Globalization is a key theme of geography

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Globalization is a key theme of geography and is a main reason that taking a course like this is important. Examples of globalization are all around us. Your textbook provides a good definition of the concept, but I also like to think of globalization simply as "a world increasingly linked." Globalization is not a new phenomenon, but it has certainly ramped up in recent years, and has become much more pervasive due to the rise of information technology, quicker transportation, and transnational corporations.

For this forum topic, I'd like you to find your own such examples of globalization as you see and experience it. This may be in the form of an online map, a news article, or a photo you've taken. Please share your example with us, either by providing a link to your example, or inserting an image in your response.

After you've explained your example, then provide your opinion on globalization. Do you think this is generally a positive trend in which we, as world citizens, gain more than we lose, or on the other hand, are you concerned about the loss of distinctive cultures that can result from this increasing interconnectedness?

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