GEO 2000 - Colonial Legacy and Cultural Hearths

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Watch the video and answer the questions.

Colonial Legacy and Cultural Hearths. The video discusses the ability of Europeans to impact the New World with their GUNS, GERMS, & STEEL. Despite superior numbers, the Native Americans did not stand a chance against the Europeans colonials and their power weapons, advanced technology, and immunity to disease. The Incan had a vast empire that sanded the Andes Mountain range, and their cult spread many ideas and innovations across the world...but when they encounter the Spanish conquistadors their reign came to an abrupt end.

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1. Who was the Spaniard that conquered the Inca?

2. Where did the Europeans get their domesticated animals from?

3. This powerful animal seemed exotic, even frightening, to the Inca when they first laid eyes on it:

4. Explain why the Spanish possessed advanced weapons:

5. How many Incan army soldiers were waiting for the Spanish to arrive?

6. The Aztecs met with defeated by this Spanish conquistador:

7. What was the Incan emperor's fateful mistake when he first met with the Spanish?

8. Which specific WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction) was unwittingly employed by the Spanish on the Inca?

9. Explain what happened to the Incan emperor, Atahualpa.

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