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91. As a manager at Get-Rich-Quick Investments (GRQ), Claus Cloudy spends much of his time coaching young managers and making sure that needed information reaches the GRQ branches so they will be successful. Claus would best be described as a (an)
A. frontline manager.
B. tactical manager.
C. operational manager.
D. top-level manager.
E. institutional controller.

92. In smaller entrepreneurial firms and even in more adaptive larger firms, managers
A. are no longer utilized.
B. rely more heavily on technical skills.
C. serve as "experts" on whom the entire firm depends.
D. have strategic, tactical and operational responsibilities.
E. focus on internal operations only.

93. A(n) __________ skill is the ability to perform a specialized task that involves a certain method or process.
A. conceptual
B. decision
C. interpersonal
D. communication
E. technical

94. Which of the following represent skills that managers need?
A. Interpersonal & communication, conceptual & decision, and professional
B. Technical, interpersonal & communication and conceptual & decision
C. Professional, technical, and interpersonal & communication
D. Conceptual & decision, professional and technical
E. Professional, technical, and conceptual & decision

95. Using a particular software program at an expert level, compilation of an accounting statement, and writing advertising copy are all examples of which type of skill?
A. Technical
B. Professional
C. Conceptual
D. Interpersonal
E. Quantitative

96. Which of Mintzberg's roles involves searching for new business opportunities and initiating new projects to create change?
A. Leader
B. Figurehead
C. Entrepreneur
D. Resource allocator
E. Monitor

97. Which of Mintzberg's roles involves speaking on behalf of the organization?
A. Disseminator
B. Spokesperson
C. Liaison
D. Figurehead
E. Disturbance handler

98. Which of the following roles, as defined by Mintzberg is a decisional role?
A. Spokesperson
B. Liaison
C. Leader
D. Negotiator
E. Monitor

99. The President of Delta Design, LLC attended the opening ceremony for a customer's new office complex. Which of Mintzberg's roles was the President playing in this situation?
A. Leader
B. Liaison
C. Figurehead
D. Spokesperson
E. Resource allocator

100. When a customer service manger works to diffuse a situation with an irate customer, which of Mintzberg's roles is he/she taking on?
A. Liaison
B. Disturbance handler
C. Negotiator
D. Resource allocator
E. Leader

101. ______________ skills influence a manager's ability to work well with people.
A. Decisional
B. Technical
C. Interpersonal
D. Professional
E. Conceptual

102. Listening to employee suggestions, gaining support for organizational objectives and fostering an atmosphere of teamwork are all considered
A. technical skills.
B. interpersonal/communication skills.
C. diagnostic skills.
D. professional skills.
E. conceptual skills.

103. Managers will utilize _____________ skills with increasing frequency as they rise within an organization.
A. conceptual and decision
B. informational
C. technical
D. professional
E. negotiation

104. Top management at Sunset Studios, Inc. recognized a lack of employee enthusiasm about the new website. In fact there was a fair amount of infighting and blame around whom was responsible for the layout, given the entire firm considered itself to be tops in design and production. Sammy Sunset got the team together and engaged them in a lively discussion to determine how to change the website so that it reflected more of Sunset Studios' unique design ability. As the meeting wound down, each team member volunteered to take on a part of the project to fix the site. The ability to identify this problem and resolve it is an effective use of __________ skills.
A. conceptual and decision
B. informational
C. technical
D. professional
E. negotiation

105. The importance of managerial skills is exemplified by which of the following statements?
A. Obtaining high performance from people in the organization is easy because of the authority managers will continue to have over knowledge workers.
B. Upper-level managers need technical skills to manage supervisory personnel.
C. Supervisory level managers have the most contact with the top-level managers.
D. Conceptual and decision skills become less important than technical skills as a manager rises higher in the company.
E. Interpersonal skills are important throughout a manager's career, at every level of management.

106. The set of skills composed of understanding yourself, managing yourself and dealing effectively with others is called
A. self reliance.
B. social capital.
C. emotional intelligence.
D. career management.
E. social management.

107. Which of the following is a component of emotional intelligence?
A. Making good decisions
B. Dealing with power plays made by others
C. Understanding the shortcomings of those you work with
D. Advising others how to become happier at work
E. Helping others understand you are correct

108. A common complaint about leaders, especially those who are newly-appointed is that they lack which of the following?
A. Emotional understanding
B. Empathy
C. The ability to receive feedback from subordinates
D. Decision making skills
E. Self control

109. Which of the following is a recommendation for forging a successful career?
A. Be a specialist.
B. Be self-reliant
C. Be a generalist.
D. Actively manage your relationship with your organization.
E. All of the above are recommendations for forging a successful career.

110. Being self-reliant means
A. to take full responsibility for yourself, your actions, and your career.
B. responding when others have innovative ideas.
C. always waiting for orders from higher in the organization.
D. knowing that the organization will manage your career.
E. responding before orders come from higher in the organization.

111. Goodwill stemming from social relationships is called
A. social empathy.
B. social capital.
C. emotional intelligence.
D. emotional capital.
E. empathetic goodwill.

112. When you view yourself as an employee and expect your employer to tell you what to do and give you pay and benefits, you are acting as a(n)
A. active contributor in a productive relationship.
B. agent for social capital.
C. passive employee.
D. example of an emotionally intelligent employee.
E. connected team member.

113. Actively managing your relationship with your organization includes managerial actions such as
A. delivering strategic value.
B. building a dynamic organization.
C. mobilizing people.
D. learning and changing.
E. doing all of the above.

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