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What is the problem described by the van Eck phenomenon and studied under


A) Magnetic fields that interfere with signals crossing Local Area Network (LAN)


B) Electromagnetic pulses destroying sensitive computer equipment

C) Piggybacking on electromagnetic communications

D) Electromagnetic eavesdropping


Halon is effective at putting out fires and safe for humans but can damage equipment.

A) True

B) False


Your boss needs instructions explaining the steps of how to send encrypted email

properly for all employees. You will need to create the _________.

A) procedure

B) policy

C) guideline

D) standard


Voice recognition, iris scans, and facial geometry can be used for biometric access


A) True

B) False


Shoulder surfing is when a person looks over the shoulder of another person while typing

pins or passwords.

A) True

B) False


Standards are recommendations relating to a policy.

A) True

B) False


When an attacker attempts to get credit card numbers using telephone and voice

technologies, it's called

A) Phreaking

B) Telephishing

C) Vishing

D) Voicing


One of the most effective tools for foiling the efforts of a social engineering attack is an

active security awareness program.

A) True

B) False


The greatest danger to networks comes from

A) Attacks coming across the public switched telephone network

B) Natural disasters

C) Foreign hackers

D) Insiders


When an attacker tries to position himself behind a user so that he can see what keys are

being typed or what information is on the screen is called _______________

Correct Answer(s): shoulder surfing


_______________ are mandatory elements regarding the implementation of a policy.


Statements made by management that lays out the organization's position on an issue are

called ________.

A) procedures

B) policies

C) guidelines

D) standards


All of the following are characteristics of a strong password EXCEPT:

A) Contains special characters, i.e., *%$#@

B) Contains numbers and letters

C) Contains an uncommon dictionary word

D) Contains at least eight characters


_______________ is the simple tactic of following closely behind a person who has just

used their own access card or PIN to gain physical access to a room or building.

Correct Answer(s): Piggybacking


_______________ are devices that have batteries that are used to keep equipment

running in the event of a power outage.

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