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101. Dramatic changes in the way consumers interact with media have eroded the effectiveness of the mass media. What two forces are to blame for the reduced effectiveness of mass media?

101. List the major ways that marketing communications activities contribute to brand equity.

  1. The macromodel of the communications process includes nine elements. Diagram the nine elements in the communications process.

  1. Micromodels of marketing communications concentrate on consumers’ specific response to communications. List the four classic response hierarchy models.

  1. Consumers are more likely to recognize Stouffer’s distinctive orange packages than recall the brand. When is brand recall important and when is brand recognition important?

  1. John Maloney saw buyers as expecting one of four types of reward from a product: rational, sensory, social, or ego satisfaction. Crossing these four types of rewards with the three types of experience generates 12 types of messages. Explain the phrase “Real beer taste in a great light beer.”

  1. In describing the experience of using Coast soap for the first time (“The Eye Opener!”), we are describing a nonproduct benefit or image. This is the definition of what type of appeal?

  1. Communications that use cute babies, puppies, or provocative sex appeals are often employed to attract consumer attention and raise their involvement with an ad. What are some of the usages for “borrowed-interest” devices?

101. In terms of source credibility, why would a medical doctor have greater source credibility as a spokesperson speaking about the effects of a new drug than a retired actor would? What are the three characteristics of source credibility?

  1. A well-chosen celebrity can draw attention to a product or brand but also poses certain risks. Identify three of those risks.

  1. Personal communications channels derive their effectiveness through individualized presentation and feedback. Within this category, we can distinguish between three channels: advocate channels, expert channels, and social channels. How would you characterize a seminar directed to retirees on buying real estate with no money down?

  1. How do opinion leaders mediate the affect of mass communications?

  1. In introducing a new liquid dog treat to the market, you have been asked to prepare a promotion budget using the objective-and-task method. What would be your first step in this process?


  1. The objective-and-task method of promotions budgeting calls upon marketers to develop promotion budgets by defining specific objectives, determining the tasks that must be performed to achieve these objectives, and estimating the costs of performing these tasks. What is the major advantage of using this method?

  1. Relate the concept of marginal profit to the communications budgeting decision.

  1. The repetition of the local car dealers’ commercials on late night television, besides being universally terrible, are examples of what characteristic of the advertising component of the communications mix.

  1. Your sales force is efficient and effective. What are the four contributions that an effective sales force can make to the marketing communications mix?


  1. After implementing the communications plan, how might marketing managers communicate the outcomes of their efforts?

  1. List some of the benefits of a working integrated marketing communications program.

  1. Integrated marketing communications has been slow to take hold for several reasons. List these reasons.

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