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101. Your marketing communications mix includes mail, telephone, fax, e-mail, or the Internet to communicate directly with specific customers and prospects. Which of the eight major modes of communication are you using?

1. sales promotions

2. advertising

3. direct marketing

4. personal selling

5. events and experiences

101. If a consumer has an equally strong, favorable, and unique brand association of Subaru with the concepts “outdoors,” “active,” and rugged” because of exposure to a TV ad that shows the car driving over rugged terrain at different times of the year, the impact in terms of Subaru’s brand equity should be ________.

1. identical

2. confusing

3. heightened

4. long lasting

5. none of the above

101. In the process of buying a new car, a consumer might talk to others, research the car on the Internet, visit showrooms, and buy magazines dedicated to the automobile industry. Where would you start in developing your marketing communication planning?

1. Appoint an ad agency.

2. Conduct an audit of all the potential interactions the target market has with the brand.

3. Create message strategy.

4. Create the creative strategy.

5. None of the above

  1. Your responsibility is to spend the company’s communications dollars efficiently. As a result, you have collected the costs of the various forms of the communications mix. Your decision on “where” to spend your company dollars will be determined ________.
    1. according to its ability to build brand equity and drive brand sales
    2. according to its ability to reach the most consumers
    3. according to its ability to return the “most bang for the buck”
    4. according to its ability to communicate the “message” most creatively
    5. according to its ability to have the highest return on investment

  1. For your target audience of new parents, communicating to them via newsletters, parenting magazines, baby clubs, and through hospitals is an example of what element of the macromodel of the communications process?
    1. Response
    2. Receiver
    3. Decoding
    4. Encoding
    5. Media

101. In developing effective communications, the first step that you must take is to identify your target audience. It is often useful to define target audience in terms of ________ and loyalty.

1. exposure

2. image

3. reach

4. usage

5. none of the above

  1. Establishing a product category, such as electric cars, as necessary to remove or satisfy a perceived discrepancy between a current motivational state and a desired emotional state is an example of a ________.
    1. category need
    2. brand awareness
    3. brand attitude
    4. cognitive dissonance
    5. purchase intention

101. The commercials for pain remedies that promise quick relief to your aches and pains is an example of what type of creative strategy?

1. Informational appeal

2. Transformational appeal

3. Collective appeal

4. Personal appeal

5. Differentiated appeal

  1. By focusing on a non-product-related image, VW’s advertising to active, youthful people with its “Drivers Wanted” campaign was an example of a ________.
    1. informational appeal
    2. collective appeal
    3. transformational appeal
    4. personal appeal
    5. differentiated appeal
  1. Qualities such as candor, humor, and naturalness make a source more _______, and therefore more credible.
    1. trustworthy
    2. expert
    3. knowledgeable
    4. likable
    5. interesting
  1. Which of the following statements best describes findings by Osgood and Tannenbaum related to congruity?
    1. Attitude change will take place in the direction of decreasing the amount of congruity between two evaluations.
    2. Attitude change will take place in a way that increases the amount of congruity between two evaluations.
    3. Attitude change will take place moving away from increasing the amount of congruity between two evaluations.
    4. Attitude change will take place in a way that increases the amount of incongruity between two evaluations.
    5. None of the above.

  1. A visit by a textbook publisher’s sales representative is an example of ________.
    1. advocate channels
    2. expert channels
    3. social channels
    4. interactive marketing
    5. e-marketing

101. When Chipotle entered the Manhattan market, it gave burritos away to 6,000 people, anticipating that the event would create sufficient buzz to get the store on its feet after opening. This is an example of ________ marketing.

1. events and entertainment

2. billboard

3. word-of-mouth

4. nonpersonal

5. public relations

101. The premise surrounding public relations and publicity is that news stories and features about your company’s product are more authentic and ________ to readers than advertisements.

1. true

2. influenced

3. impartial

4. effective

5. credible

  1. Communications-mix allocations vary between consumer and business markets. Consumer marketers tend to spend comparatively more on sales promotion and advertising; business marketers tend to spend comparatively more on ________.
    1. word-of-mouth marketing
    2. personal selling
    3. direct marketing
    4. interactive marketing
    5. events and experiences

  1. When a communications director presents senior management with such things as press clipping counts, the number of ads placed, media costs, and such, he is supplying ________.
    1. feedback
    2. revenues
    3. outcomes
    4. inputs
    5. outputs and expenses

101. We find that 80% of the consumers in the total market are aware of brand A, 60% have tried it, and only 20% who have tried it are satisfied. This indicates that the communications program is effective in creating awareness, but the product fails to meet consumer ________.

1. effect on complementary products

2. purchase intent

3. awareness

4. interests

5. expectations

101. For a Citibank campaign to market home equity loans, the bank used “mail plus coupon plus 800 number plus outbound telemarketing plus print advertising.” This kind of campaign is known as a ________.

1. single-vehicle, single-stage campaign

2. single-vehicle, multiple-stage campaign

3. multiple-vehicle, single-stage campaign

4. multiple-vehicle, multiple-stage campaign

5. none of the above

101. Dannon makes it a priority to drive traffic to its Dannon Yogurt homepage so that the company can benefit from the twin paybacks of (1) forging direct relationships with customers and (2) building a database of its best customers. This is an example of ________.

1. personal selling

2. integrated marketing communications

3. coordinating media

4. brand linkages

5. direct marketing

101. In assessing the collective impact of an IMC program, the marketer’s overriding goal is to create the most effective and efficient communications program possible. The criterion of ________ is the proportion of the audience reached by each communication option employed, as well as how much overlap exists among communication options.

1. coverage

2. contribution

3. commonality

4. complementarity

5. versatility

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