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1. List the four criteria for ethical decision-making described in the book.

2. List three of the six moral rights that should be considered during decision making.

3. List three examples of primary stakeholders.

4. List the four responsibilities of corporate social performance.


1. Define ethics and explain how the domain of ethics relates to law and free choice.

2. List the four approaches that are used to describe values for guiding ethical decision making. Briefly describe each.

3. Briefly explain the justice approach to ethics and then explain the three types of justice.

4. List and define the stages of moral development.

5. What is social responsibility? Why is it considered a difficult concept to grasp?


6. Explain the concept of a stakeholder and list five common stakeholders.

7. List and define the criteria of corporate social responsibility.

8. Explain the differences between principle-based statements and policy-based statements in an organization's code of ethics.

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