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26. Spotlight on Ethics in Chapter 4 recommends that when challenging your boss on ethical issues you do not demand a resolution on the spot.

27. The NEW MANAGER SELF-TEST in Chapter 4 suggests that orienting new people, even though it is not required, often reflects a person’s level of moral development.

28. Social responsibility is management's obligation to make choices and take actions that will contribute to the welfare and interests of society as well as the organization.

29. Social responsibility covers a narrow range of issues, many of which are unambiguous with respect to right or wrong.

30. Important stakeholders in corporations include the government and the community.

31. A stakeholder is any group within or outside the organization that has a stake in the organization's performance.

32. All stakeholders of an organization are its stockholders but not all stockholders are its stakeholders.

33. Special interest groups include trade associations, political action committees and consumerists.

34. Economic development that generates wealth and meets the needs of the current population while preserving the environment for the needs of future generations refers to sustainability.

35. Economic, legal, ethical, and discretionary responsibilities are the four areas of social responsibility which can be used to evaluate corporate social performance.

36. Economic responsibility defines what society deems as important with respect to appropriate corporate behavior.

37. Ethical responsibility includes behaviors that are not necessarily codified into law and may not serve the corporation's direct economic interests.

38. Ethical behavior occurs when decisions enable an individual or company to gain at the expense of society.

39. Unfortunately, discretionary responsibility is involuntary and is mandated by economics, law, or ethics.

40. A formal statement of the organization's values regarding moral principles and governing its response to social values is called a code of ethics.

41. Principle-based statements define fundamental values and contain general language about company responsibilities, quality of products, and treatment of employees.

42. Policy-based statements generally outline the procedure to be used in specific ethical situations.

43. One of the newest positions in organizations is the chief operating officer, a response to widespread financial wrongdoing in recent years.

44. A group of executives appointed to oversee company ethics is an ethics committee.

45. A chief ethics officer is a company executive who oversees all aspects of ethics and legal compliance.

46. Ethics training programs are not an important supplement as long as a well-written code of ethics exists.

47. The disclosure by an employee of illegal, immoral, or illegitimate practices by the organization is called whistle-blowing.

48. Managers are often concerned good citizenship will hurt performance.

49. Managers carry a tremendous responsibility for setting the ethical climate in an organization and can act as role models for others.

50. Most ethical dilemmas in business involve a conflict between stakeholders and shareholders.

51. The virtue ethics approach to ethical decision making sidesteps debates about what is right, good, or just and bases decisions on prevailing standards of the profession and the larger society, taking the interests of all stakeholders into account.

52. The virtue ethics approach to ethical decision making says that moral behavior stems from personal virtues.

53. Economic responsibility, carried to the extreme, is called the profit-maximizing view.

54. Although public confidence in business managers is at an all-time low, politics, sports, and non-profit organizations have not been affected.

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