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1. How is attachment formation in infancy related to friendship formation?

2. Which of the following happens to a rejected child in the process of social skill development?

3. In middle childhood, children are aware of social norms for peer acceptance. This results in greater pressures toward

4. Why are "best friend" relationships important in middle childhood?


5. What is the difference between peer acceptance and having a “best friend” relationship?

6. Which of the following increases a child’s sense of loneliness?

7. Which of the following is a characteristic of withdrawn children who have strong feelings of loneliness?

8. What is a common characteristic of children who are victims of bullying?



9. Through ___________, children begin to appreciate the logic, order, and predictability of the physical world.

10. According to Piaget's Theory, an action or transformation that is carried out in thought rather than in action is called

11. When a child understands that physical matter does not change in quantity despite changes in form or container, she should be able to do which of the following types of problems?

12. The ability to group objects according to some dimension they share is called


13. The ability to order subgroups in a hierarchy is an ability related to

14. Metacognition includes

15. One of the most critical intellectual skills that is developed and elaborated during middle childhood is

16. Why are skills the basis of intellectual competence?

17. How might the cultural context influence a child’s ability to read?

18. Self-evaluation takes place in two contexts. What are they?

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