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1. What are the four elements of understanding gender as a concept

2. What are three ways that parents can encourage greater flexibility in gender-role thinking for their children?.

3. What three factors contribute to the establishment of a gender preference

4. Explain preconventional morality and give an example of a decision or explanation that would be likely for someone who is operating on the basis of preconventional morality)

5. What aspects of a discipline technique contribute to a child's moral development?

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6. Define the “I” as conceptualized by William James. What are three of its fundamental features? ()

7. What are three sources of self-esteem?

8. What are three ways that watching televised violence may increase a child's aggressiveness?

9. What obstacles stand in the way of school readiness?

10. What are three ways that opportunities to form friendships benefit early-school-age children? )

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