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81. Suggesting a new game to play, trying to get other kids to play with you, or bragging to friends about something special are all examples of _________________.

a. play frustration

b. initiative

c. autonomy

d. social referencing

82. Three strategies for initiating interaction have been judged to be effective and have been associated with other evidence of social competence. Which of the following is NOT one of these strategies?

a. Children establish common ground by giving meaningful information in response to questions.

b. Children engaged in a positive, friendly interchange with others.

c. Children show evidence of negative, irritable behavior when playing with others.

d. Children do not show evidence of negative, irritable behaviors.

83. The emotion that accompanies the sense that one has been responsible for an unacceptable thought, fantasy, or action is ________________.

a. depression

b. fear

c. guilt

d. mistrust

84. What is an adaptive outcome of experiencing guilt?

a. curiosity and experimentation

b. a sense of remorse and attempts to set things right

c. intensive self-blame and feelings of worthlessness

d. there is no adaptive outcome related to experiences of guilt

85. Children who suffer extreme feelings of guilt are likely to believe that ________________.

a. their thoughts cause the misfortunes of others

b. they can be forgiven for their mistakes

c. the good things that happen to them are a result of their efforts

d. they are a lot like other friends

86. Which of the following is true?

a. Girls are more likely to experience guilt than boys when they have lied or been inconsiderate to others.

b. Boys are more likely to experience guilt than girls when they have lied or been inconsiderate to others.

c. Boys are more likely than girls to experience guilt when they blame themselves for unhappiness or conflict among others.

d. Boys and girls tend to experience similar amounts of guilt in most situations.

87. The central process of __________ allows children to feel their parents are with them even when their parents are not physically present.

a. mutuality

b. identification

c. education

d. reciprocity

88. Which of the following motives for identification is most closely related to children imitating a model who controls the resources?

a. need for status and power

b. fear of loss of love

c. identification with the aggressor

d. need for sex-role similarity

89. Paradoxically, identification contributes both a sense of connectedness with parents and a sense of _____.

a. independence

b. competition

c. isolation

d. willfulness

90. Sloan’s father is physically abusive. He hits and slaps Sloan to make his point. Sloan is afraid of his father’s power, but he also admires this power. Sloan likes to slap and punish other children at school in order to get them to do what he wants. This is an example of __________.

a. identification based on fear of loss of love

b. agentic identification

c. identification competence

d. identification with the aggressor

91. The ______________ is a fantasy of the type of person one aspires to become. It is a product of strong parental identifications in the early-school-age period.

a. id

b. ego ideal

c. superego

d. ego

92. What is the function of the ego ideal?

a. It punishes wrongdoing.

b. It creates fears and nightmares.

c. It serves as a goal for positive achievement.

d. It negotiates between id and superego.

, C

93. Johanna wants to be a princess when she grows up. Thus she starts wearing make-up and practicing curtseys. This is an example of Johanna’s emerging _____________.

a. ego ideal

b. sense of inhibition

c. identification with the aggressor

d. preconventional morality

94. The early-school-age child who imposes intention and goals on action demonstrates the prime adaptive ego quality of ____________________.

a. purpose

b. hope

c. wisdom

d. fidelity to values

95. If behavior is restrained or suppressed, the early school age child demonstrates ___________.

a. inhibition

b. withdrawal

c. inertia

d. exclusivity

96. Parents concerned about children having the combination of physical, cognitive, emotional, and social skills necessary for kindergarten are concerned about their children’s ______________.

a. age

b. fears

c. happiness

d. readiness

97. In a national survey, parents thought children should enter school when _________________.

a. they developed specific skills (e.g. able to use a pencil or scissors)

b. they were sensitive to other children’s feelings

c. they were not disruptive

d. they could follow directions

98. All of the following are demographic risk factors associated with the likelihood of poor school adjustment for children EXCEPT which one?

a. single-parent households

b. low parental education

c. welfare dependency

d. the gender of the child

99. If educators and parents ________________, children’s development may increase over time.

a. become partners

b. work as referees

c. act as co-workers

d. provide more autonomy

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