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41. According to Object Relations Theory, morality has its basis in which of the following?

a. behaviors that are rewarded or punished

b. behaviors that strengthen or threaten the bonds between the self and valued others

c. behaviors that create cognitive disequilibrium

d. behaviors that make it easy to delay gratification

42. Which term refers to being able to experience the emotion that you perceive someone else is experiencing?

a. ego ideal

b. guilt

c. internalization

d. empathy

43. What type of empathy is it when you recognize distress in another person and react in the same way you would if the distress were your own?

a. global empathy

b. egocentric empathy

c. empathy for another's feelings

d. empathy for another's life conditions

44. When is the capacity for empathy first observed?

a. infancy

b. toddlerhood

c. early school age

d. middle school age

45. Which of the following provides a basis for very young children to recognize emotions in others?

a. facial expressions

b. sarcasm

c. increased heart rate and blood pressure

d. guilt

46. Perspective taking differs from empathy in which way?

a. They are both social skills.

b. Perspective taking does not occur at the early-school-age period.

c. Perspective taking involves recognizing differences in point of view rather than similarities.

d. Perspective taking reduces a child's egocentrism.

47. Robert Selman's analysis of levels of social perspective taking suggests that children aged 4 to 6 are likely to approach social conflicts in which way?

a. They realize that people must take each other's point of view into account before acting.

b. They assume all participants view the situation as they do.

c. They know that another's gain will be their loss.

d. They see all conflicts in terms of the consequences of their behavior for others.

48. How is temperament related to the effectiveness of discipline techniques?

a. Children who are slow to warm up never need to be disciplined.

b. Children who are fearful and inhibited need to experience love withdrawal as a discipline strategy.

c. Children who are active and insensitive to disapproval need more focused, directive discipline.

d. Children who are sociable and outgoing need to be disciplined using power assertion.

49. Which of the following is a recommendation of the American Academy of Pediatrics about television viewing for children?

a. let children have televisions in their bedrooms

b. encourage TV viewing before bed

c. discourage television viewing for all children under age 2

d. restrict television viewing to fictional programming only

50. According to research, one of the most serious problems associated with televised violence is ________.

a. the violence is punished by violence

b. the violence is glamorized and goes unpunished

c. the violence is not easily understood by children

d. only bad characters perform violent actions

51. How does TV violence increase aggressiveness among children who watch it?

a. TV violence adds new violent behaviors to the child’s range of behaviors.

b. Viewing violence increases a child’s emotionality, bringing into consciousness angry feelings.

c. Children who watch a lot of TV violence are more likely to think aggressive behavior is acceptable.

d. All of these.

52. When televised heroes’ violent actions are rewarded or viewed as successful, children are likely to imitate these actions. Which theory best accounts for this?

a. Object Relations Theory

b. Kohlberg’s Cognitive Theory of Moral Development

c. Social Learning theory

d. Evolutionary Theory

53. Which of the following is a potential benefit of TV viewing in early childhood?

a. Children can learn positive, prosocial messages from certain TV programming.

b. Children are quiet and calm while watching TV.

c. Watching TV takes the place of peer interactions in which differences of opinion can arise.

d. Children who watch a lot of televised violence see the world as a more dangerous place.

54. Of the various approaches to understanding moral development discussed in the text, which one makes the greatest contribution to understanding how children develop the emotions of anxiety, guilt, and remorse associated with morality?

a. learning theory

b. cognitive theory

c. research on perspective taking

d. psychoanalytic theory

55. The text treats the ________________ as a theory that links a person's understanding about the nature of the world, the nature of the self, and the meaning of interactions between the self and the environment.

a. superego

b. self-concept

c. gender preference

d. reward structure

56. The complexity and logic of the self theory changes as a result of __________.

a. gender labels

b. id impulses

c. maturation of cognitive functions

d. defense mechanisms

57. In William James’s conceptualization of the self, what is one of the fundamental features of the “I”?

a. the self that one can describe

b. a sense of agency as one who initiates behavior

c. one’s social roles

d. a sense that one’s life is based on discrete, moment-to-moment experiences that do not show continuity

58. William James differentiated the "I" and the "me" as the components of the self. What is the "me"?

a. the self as knower

b. the self that imitates behavior

c. the self that reflects upon its own qualities

d. the self as an object that can be described by others

59. Which of the following is the primary characteristic of the self theory that emerges in infancy?

a. the self as a blank slate

b. self-criticism

c. self as responsive to others

d. self as an independent, separate being

60. Which of the following features characterizes self theory during the early and middle school years?

a. preoccupation with an integration of past, present, and future selves

b. a new level of concern about cultural norms and social expectations

c. beginning of self-awareness

d. lack of self-evaluation content

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