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1. ____________________ means engaging in the international division of labor so that manufacturing can be done in countries with the cheapest sources of labor and supplies.

2. ____________________ is the barter of products for products rather than the sale of products for currency.


3. ____________________ is the management of business operations conducted in more than one country.

4. When it comes to economic development, a currently developing country is also called a(n) ____________________.

5. ____________________ is the criterion traditionally used to classify countries as developed or developing.

6. A country's physical facilities that support economic activities make up its ____________________.

7. ___________ (objects, taboos, holidays) is a sociocultural factor in the international environment.

8. The risk of loss due to actions by host country governments is known as _____________.

9. Riots, revolutions, civil disorders, and frequent changes in government that affect the operations of an international company shows ______________ in a country.

10. Companies need to be cautious of ______________ and ____________ when going international because they differ from country to country.


11. A nation's _____________ includes the shared knowledge, beliefs, and values, as well as the common modes of behavior and ways of thinking, among members of a society.

12. The degree to which people accept inequality in power among institutions, organizations, and people is called ___________.

13. A value characterized by people's intolerance for uncertainty and ambiguity and resulting support for beliefs that promise certainty and conformity refers to _____________.

14. A preference for a loosely knit social framework in which individuals are expected to take care of themselves is called ____________.

15. A preference for a tightly knit social framework in which individuals look after one another and organizations protect their members' interests refers to _________.


16. ____________________ stands for preference for achievement, heroism, assertiveness, work centrality (with resultant high stress), and material success.

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