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25. An object, act, or event that conveys meaning to others is known as a(n) ____________________.

26. A(n) ____________________ is a narrative based on true events that is repeated frequently and shared among organizational employees.

27. The deeds of ____________________ are extraordinary, but not so extraordinary that other employees cannot perform the same deeds.

28. A slogan is a phrase or a sentence that concisely communicates a key corporate ____________________.

29. Adaptability culture emerges in an environment that requires ____________________ response and ____________________ decision making.

30. A culture that is a results-oriented, that values competitiveness, aggressiveness, personal initiative, and willingness to work long and hard to achieve results is called ____________________.

31. The ____________________ culture places high value on HR, and the organization may be characterized by a caring, family-like atmosphere.

32. Organizations with internal focuses and consistency orientations for a stable environment should create a(n) ____________________ culture.

33. ____________________ plays a key role in creating an organizational climate that enables learning and innovative responses to threats from the external environment, challenging new opportunities, or organizational crises.

34. A primary way in which managers shape cultural norms and values to build a high-performance culture is through ____________________.

35. A(n) ____________________ defines and uses signals and symbols to influence corporate culture.

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