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1. The external ____________________ includes all elements existing outside the boundary of the organization that have the potential to affect the organization.

2. The ____________________ is the outer layer that is widely dispersed and affects organizations indirectly.

3. A(n) ____________________ includes the elements within the organization's boundaries.

4. The ____________________ environment includes the sectors that conduct day-to-day transactions within the organization.

5. An example of ____________________ dimension is that Dixon Ticonderoga Co. is in trouble because of increased competition especially from low-cost pencil companies in China.

6. The ____________________ environment represents an ever-changing and uneven playing field compared with domestic environment.

7. The ____________________ dimension of the general environment includes scientific and technological advancements in a specific industry and in society.

8. The ____________________ dimension of the general environment represents the demographic characteristics as well as the norms, customs, and values of the general population.

9. Lying at the heart of Chinese culture, ____________________ is a supportive, mutually beneficial connection between two people.

10. The general economic health of the country or region in which the organization operates is represented by the ____________________ dimension.

11. The ____________________ dimension includes government regulations at the local, state, and federal levels.

12. An interest group that works within the legal-political framework to influence companies to behave in socially responsible ways, is called a(n) ____________________.

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