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16. The has the ability to inspire and motivate people to do more than they would normally do, despite obstacles and personal sacrifice.

17. A(n) _______ leader is distinguished by a special ability to bring about innovation and change.

18. ______ is the potential ability to influence the behavior of others.

19. Power coming from a formal management position in an organization and the authority granted to it is called .

20. Power that results from the authority to reward others is called .

21. Power that stems from the authority to punish or recommend punishment is called


22. List the two types of personal power.

23. Power resulting from a leader's special knowledge or skill regarding the tasks performed by followers is referred to as .

24. Power that results from characteristics that command subordinates' identification with, respect and admiration for and desire to emulate the leader is called .

25. The purpose of _______ leadership is to bring the follower's higher motives to the work and connect them to the organization's mission and goals.

26. In __________, the leader favors a consensual and collaborative process, and influence derives from relationships rather than position power and formal authority.

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