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61. ______ is the power coming from a formal management position in the organization.

a. Referent power

b. Coercive power

c. Reward power

d. Legitimate power

e. Expert power

62. Aaron does not have much of a relationship with his subordinates. They feel obligated to do as he says because he's the boss. This is an example of

a. referent power.

b. legitimate power.

c. coercive power.

d. reward power.

e. expert power.

63. Which of the following sources of power is most likely to generate compliance in followers?

a. Legitimate power

b. Expert power

c. Coercive power

d. Referent power

e. Personal power

64. Linda uses praise, letters of support, and pats on the back as ways of influencing her subordinate's behaviors. All of these actions are highly valued by the work group. This is an example of

a. coercive power.

b. legitimate power.

c. reward power.

d. expert power.

e. referent power.

65. _________ power is based in the ability of the leader to do such things as recommend promotions.

a. Coercive

b. Expert

c. Reward

d. Referent

e. Personal

66. power is vested in the manager's ability to punish employees.

a. Coercive

b. Reward

c. Expert

d. Referent

e. Personal

67. Nancy, a middle manager at Sara’s Satchels, uses threats and punishments as ways of influencing the behavior of his subordinates. Which of the following sources of power is Nancy relying on?

a. Reward power

b. Coercive power

c. Expert power

d. Referent power

e. Personal power

68. ______ generates resistance most often.

a. Reward

b. Expert

c. Coercive

d. Legitimate

e. Referent

69. Moesha is a manager at Technology Advancements. Moesha uses threats and punishment to influence the behavior of his subordinates. Which of the following responses is Moesha likely to encounter?

a. Compliance

b. Resistance

c. Commitment

d. Satisfaction

e. Citizenship

70. Power that stems from a leader's special knowledge is known as

a. reward power.

b. referent power.

c. legitimate power.

d. coercive power.

e. none of the above.

71. Referent power depends on the leader's

a. formal title.

b. position in the hierarchy.

c. personal characteristics.

d. salary.

e. reward power.

72. Commitment falls under which type of power?

a. Expert

b. Referent

c. Coercive

d. Reward

e. Legitimate

73. ______ means that workers will share the leader's point of view and enthusiastically carry out instructions.

a. Compliance

b. Commitment

c. Resistance

d. Satisfaction

e. Necessity

74. leader works to fulfill subordinated needs and goals as well as to achieve the organization's larger mission.

a. Servant

b. Transactional

c. Transformational

d. Charismatic

e. Interactive

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