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1) A company's total marketing communications mix consists of a special blend of advertising, sales promotion, public relations, personal selling, and direct-marketing tools that the company uses to communicate customer value and build customer relationships. This is also called ________.

A) direct marketing

B) integrated marketing

C) the promotion mix

D) competitive marketing

E) target marketing

2) The use of short-term incentives to encourage the purchase or sale of a product or service is called ________.

A) direct marketing

B) sales promotions

C) personal selling

D) public relations

E) publicity

3) The promotion mix is the company's primary communication activity; the marketing mix must be coordinated for the greatest communication impact. What is NOT included in the entire marketing mix?

A) product

B) competitor

C) price

D) place

E) promotion

4) Mass-media advertising routinely involves a company investing millions or even billions of dollars to reach tens of ________ of customers with a single ad.

A) billions

B) thousands

C) millions

D) hundreds

E) tens

5) Today's consumers do not need to rely on marketer-supplied information about products and services because they can use ________ to seek out a wealth of information.

A) public relations

B) direct marketing

C) the Internet and other technologies

D) mass market media

E) informative advertising

6) Which of the following is NOT a factor in the changes occurring in today's marketing communications?

A) Mass markets have fragmented, and marketers are shifting away from mass marketing.

B) Improvements in communication technologies are changing how companies and customers communicate with each other.

C) Companies routinely invest millions of dollars in the mass media.

D) Mass media no longer capture the majority of promotional budgets.

E) Today's consumers are better informed about products and services.

7) Moving away from ________, marketers have been shifting toward highly focused marketing, spawning a new generation of more specialized and highly targeted communications efforts.

A) mass marketing

B) advertising

C) direct marketing

D) pull strategies

E) push strategies

8) Integrated marketing communications produces better communications ________ and greater ________ impact.

A) consistency; sales

B) sales; consistency

C) marketing; sales

D) variety; production

E) branding; quality

9) Today, marketers are moving toward viewing communications as managing the ________ over time.

A) advertising agency

B) nonpersonal communication channels

C) word-of-mouth influence

D) customer relationship

E) product life cycle

10) Integrated marketing communications involves identifying the target audience and shaping a well-coordinated ________ to elicit the desired audience response.

A) pull strategy

B) push strategy

C) promotional program

D) opinion leader

E) target market

11) Using integrated marketing communications, the communications process should start with ________.

A) advertising strategy

B) the competitive-parity method

C) public relations

D) an audit of all the potential customer touch points

E) publicity

12) To ________, a marketer can ask target audience members whether they remember the message, how many times they saw it, and what points they remember.

A) select a message source

B) collect feedback

C) select a message channel

D) plan a media purchase

E) design a marketing appeal

13) ________ from marketing communications may suggest changes in the promotion program or in the product offer itself.

A) Encoding

B) Decoding

C) Feedback

D) Noise

E) Shelter

14) Companies use all of the following methods to set their advertising budget EXCEPT the ________.

A) objective-and-task method

B) integrated method

C) competitive-parity method

D) percentage-of-sales method

E) affordable method

15) Using the ________ method for setting an advertising budget, the company starts with total revenues, deducts operating expenses and capital outlays, and then devotes some portion of the remaining funds to advertising.

A) integrated

B) moving-average

C) competitive-parity

D) percentage-of-sales

E) affordable

16) Though the ________ method of setting an advertising budget is simple to use and helps management think about the relationships among promotion spending, selling price, and profit per unit, it wrongly views sales as the cause of promotion rather than the result.

A) percentage-of-sales

B) affordable

C) competitive-parity

D) objective-and-task

E) regression

17) Which of the following is LEAST important for integrating a firm's marketing communications?

A) analyze internal and external trends

B) audit the pockets of communications spending throughout the organization

C) identify all customer touch points for the company and its brands

D) study the competitor's communications and promotions

E) create performance measures for all communications elements

18) Bait-and-switch advertising ________.

A) attracts buyers under false pretenses

B) is unethical

C) is illegal

D) is deceptive

E) all of the above

19) Which of the following would be classified as bait-and-switch advertising?

A) advertising a cheaper brand but only making a more expensive one available to customers

B) raising a product's prices

C) attempting to charge less for a brand than for manufacturers' brands

D) advertising service packages that cannot actually be provided

E) favoring certain customers over others through trade promotions

20) A company's salespeople should always follow the rules of ________.

A) high-pressure selling

B) societal marketing

C) competition

D) fair competition

E) cooling-off

21) Sales promotion makes use of press releases and special events.

22) Though mass marketing was effective in past decades, large companies no longer routinely invest large chunks of their advertising budgets in mass-media outlets such as television and magazines.

23) Mass markets have fragmented; thus, marketers are shifting away from mass marketing.

24) A marketing communications director has overall responsibility for the company's communications efforts.

25) The communications process should start with mass media advertising to reach many consumers.

26) The four major communication functions are encoding, decoding, response, and noise.

27) Buzz marketing involves cultivating opinion leaders and getting them to spread information about a product or service to others in their communities.

28) The percentage-of-sales method wrongly views sales as the cause of promotion rather than the result.

29) The affordable method sets promotion budgets to match competitors' outlays.

30) Large-scale advertising conveys a positive message about the seller's size, popularity, and success.

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