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56) The 21st century has seen record numbers of entrepreneurs launching businesses on a global basis.

57) Current competitive conditions favor large companies over smaller ones because of their flexibility combined with their ability to use their size to achieve efficiency and economies of scale.

58) Increased entrepreneurial activity is a phenomenon unique to the U.S.

59) One study conducted by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) reports that nearly one in eight people in the United states is working to start a business..

60) Research has isolated a set of characteristics that can predict who will succeed as an entrepreneur.

61) Serial entrepreneurs repeatedly start businesses and grow them to a sustainable size before striking out again.

62) Surveys show that small business owners believe that, as entrepreneurs, they work harder, earn more money, and are happier than if they worked for a large company.

63) The opportunity to reap impressive profits is the primary motivation for most entrepreneurs.

64) Social entrepreneurs use their skills to create profitable businesses and also achieve economic, social and environmental goals for the common good.

65) Technology offers a significant advantage for entrepreneurs.

66) Entrepreneurs choose to enter their particular business fields because they have an interest in them and enjoy those lines of work. They have often made their hobbies their business.

67) The majority of new business owners work fewer than 40 hours per week.

68) The majority of new business owners devote more than 40 hours per week to their companies.

69) One advantage of being your own boss and owning a small business is that work hours are very flexible and leisure time is abundant.

70) Entrepreneurs are not willing to give up a steady paycheck.

71) There is concern over the future of entrepreneurship because so few high school and college students want to start their own companies.

72) The shift to a service economy has not had a significant impact on entrepreneurial opportunities.

73) Cloud computing allows businesses to use a variety of applications and has reduced costs and added flexibility.

74) Women now own 28.7 percent of all privately-held businesses in the United States.

75) Women play a minor role in the entrepreneurial arena.

76) Starting a part-time business is a popular gateway to entrepreneurship.

77) Increasing numbers of women are discovering that the best way to break the "glass ceiling" that prevents them from rising to the top of many organizations is to start their own companies.

78) Diversity may be considered a characteristic of entrepreneurs, as they don't fit any statistical norm.

79) Minority-owned businesses have come a long way in the past decade, and their success rate is climbing.

80) A major advantage of launching a business part-time is the lower risk it offers in case the business fails.

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