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(TCO 4) If there are certain columns of information that are not needed at a particular time, but might be needed later, ____________ the unneeded columns to allow users to focus on only the essential information.

2. Question:

(TCO 4) Working with a worksheet that is too large to fit within a single monitor screen can be confusing for users because ____________.

3. Question:

(TCO 4) To go to the top of your spreadsheet quickly, use the __________ key(s).

4. Question:

(TCO 4) To hide a worksheet, it must be:

5. Question:

(TCO 4) If you print a large worksheet that takes up two pages horizontally and two pages vertically, the order in which the pages will be printed is _______________ .

6. Question:

(TCO 4) Once you have created a table within an Excel worksheet, _________________ can be edited.

7. Question:

(TCO 4) To put the records in an Excel table into order by last name, use the:

8. Question:

(TCO 4) To sort a list of employees into alphabetical order by last name, and at the same time put employees with the same last name in order by first name, you can use a ____________.

9. Question:

(TCO 4) The process of inserting data from another application into an Excel workbook is called __________ .

10. Question:

(TCO 4) To apply a red background color to cells for employees who have sales greater than $1,000, you can use ______________.

11. Question:

(TCO 4) When using Excel's advanced filtering feature, a ____________ is an area apart from a data table that contains conditions used to filter the table.

12. Question:

(TCO 4) Which tab of the Ribbon contains the range name features?

13. Question:

(TCO 4) To create a PivotChart you must always create a:

14. Question:

(TCO 4) How do you customize the formatting for a field in a PivotTable?

15. Question:

(TCO 4) The default summary function used to calculate the Values field in a PivotTable is ____________ .

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