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A ping sweep

A) Sends ICMP echo requests to the target machine

B) Is an exploit that creates a denial of service (DoS) using ICMP echo requests

C) Is a method of clearing your network

D) Determines what services are running on a system


What is an unstructured threat?

A) An attack that is uncoordinated, nonspecific, and lasts a short amount of time

B) An elite hacker who mounts an attack against a specific target

C) A poorly engineered building

D) A type of malicious code that formats the hard drive on a computer.


In 2009 _______________ was cut and resulted in widespread phone and Internet

outages in the San Jose area of California.


A successful attack on a network may adversely impact security in all the following ways


A) Loss of confidentiality

B) Loss of integrity

C) Loss of functionality

D) Loss of availability


Which of the following is not one of the three general methods used in authentication?

A) Something you do

B) Something you have

C) Something you are

D) Something you know


Authentication means that the person who sends and e-mail will be unable to deny

sending the e-mail.

A) True

B) False


The first step an administrator can take to reduce possible attacks is to

A) Install a firewall

B) Ensure all patches for the operating system and applications are installed

C) Configure an intrusion detection system

D) Install anti-spyware software


The term "script kiddies" refers to

A) A children's television show

B) A type of video game

C) A hacker of low-end technical ability

D) An Internet site for peer-to-peer music sharing


As the level of sophistication of attacks _________, the level of knowledge necessary to

exploit vulnerabilities decreased.

Correct Answer(s): increased


A person who tries to gradually obtain information necessary to compromise a network—

by first appealing for help, and then, if necessary, by a more aggressive approach—is a(n)


A) phreaker

B) social engineer

C) hacktivist

D) terrorist


Ensuring that users have access only to the files they need to complete their tasks is an

example of which principle?

A) Least privilege

B) Implicit deny

C) Keep it simple

D) Separation of duties


The ability to manage whether a subject can interact with an object is called


Correct Answer(s): access control


Fifty years ago, few people had access to a computer system or network, so securing

them was a relatively easy matter.

A) True

B) False


Vladimir Levin was able to steal $10 Million from _______________ by using its cash

management system.


The hacker was successful in breaching the firewall, the packet filtering router, and the

internal firewall, but was quickly detected and unable to get past the workstation personal

firewall. This is an example of what principle?

A) Job rotation

B) Layered security

C) Security through obscurity

D) Diversity of defense

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