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a. all brands need good parents

108. Marketers of successful 21st-century brands must excel at ________—the design and implementation of marketing activities and programs to build, measure, and manage brands to maximize their value.

a. promotional planning

b. brand personification

c. strategic brand management

d. brand awareness

e. competitive differential advantage

109. Coca-Cola, Calvin Klein, Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger, Marlboro, and others have become leaders in their product categories by understanding ________ and desires and creating relevant and appealing images around their products.

a. consumer perceptions

b. consumer motivations

c. consumer behaviors

d. consumer demographics

e. consumer market segments

110. During the Pepsi Challenge campaign, launched while Coke was clearly the market leader by sales, consumers were given blind taste tests of Pepsi and Coke and asked which flavor they preferred. Apparently, people preferred the taste of Pepsi in blind taste tests, but bought Coke when they visited the store. This is an example of Coke’s ________.

a. customer-based brand equity

b. mission-driven brand equity

c. functional-based brand equity

d. service-based brand equity

e. attribute-based brand equity

111. A marketing manager stresses to a newly hired brand manager the importance of having a strong brand. All of the following would be advantages that the marketing manager might stress to his subordinate EXCEPT ________.

a. improved perceptions of product performance

b. greater loyalty

c. less vulnerability to marketing crises

d. lower margins

e. possible licensing opportunities

112. Apple Computer achieves incredible brand loyalty largely by delivering on its ________ to “create great things that change people’s lives” by combining superior design functionality and style in its products.

a. brand promise

b. brand dynamic

c. brand resonance

d. brand entity

e. umbrella branding

113. If a manager is looking for a “report card” on past performance of a brand, he or she should turn to an examination of the brand ________.

a. strength

b. compatibility

c. stature

d. image

e. dominance

114. Matt always thinks of Varta batteries when he thinks of a dependable car battery. This is an example of brand ________.

a. salience

b. imagery

c. judgments

d. feelings

e. scope

115. The famous “Plop, plop, fizz, fizz! Oh, what a relief it is!” campaign is a good example of what is called a brand ________.

a. element

b. bond

c. visual

d. personification

e. perception

116. Although initially an online book seller, chose not to call itself “Books ‘R’ Us,” enabling it eventually to sell a wide range of products. This naming decision makes the brand element more ________.

a. memorable

b. meaningful

c. likable

d. protectible

e. transferable

117. The face of Betty Crocker has been updated several times in the past 75 years without losing any of its brand recognition. This brand element is ________.

b. likeable

c. transferable

d. adaptable

e. protectible

f. memorable

118. Marketers of Mountain Dew created the multicity Dew Action Sports Tour where athletes compete in skateboarding, MBX, and freestyle motocross events to establish a meaningful ________ with its 12–24-year-old target market.

a. brand element

b. brand contact

c. internal brand

d. brand salience

e. brand asset

119. According to Seth Godin, marketers can no longer use ________. Instead, marketers should turn to permission marketing as a way to ensure long-term customer relationships and loyalty.

a. task-oriented marketing

b. interruption marketing

c. hard core selling

d. advocacy marketing

e. one-to-one marketing

120. If the Singapore Airlines sends employees to special classes to teach them the value of the brand and how inflight service is much more than just flying from origin to destination, Singapore Airlines is using ________ to accomplish this task.

a. interruption marketing

b. loyalty marketing

c. cohort marketing

d. macrobranding

e. internal branding

121. IBM’s e-business campaign not only helped to change public perceptions of the company in the marketplace, it also sent a signal to employees that IBM was determined to be a leader in the use of Internet technology. This is an example of ________.

a. leveraging secondary associations

b. linking internal and external marketing

c. integration marketing

d. permission marketing

e. brand tracking

122. Irene and Dave Wong are part of a long-term ________. The Wong’s supply a national research firm with information about their brand habits, preferences, dislikes, and beliefs on a monthly basis for a period of two years.

a. image study

b. demographic study

c. psychological profile study

d. promotion management study

e. brand-tracking study

123. Meiji has introduced several types of yogurt ________ through the years—Nata de Coco, All Tropical Fruit, and Berry Blends.

a. category extensions

b. line extensions

c. brand extensions

d. subbrands

e. family brands

124. Customers can now buy McClaren strollers and apparel, which are not manufactured by McClaren, but are instances where McClaren has received payment from the manufacturers of these products to use McClaren’s brand name. These items are considered ________.

a. licensed products

b. family products

c. line extensions

d. brand extensions

e. subbrands

125. Many firms use ________ in order to take advantage of corporate-image associations such as innovativeness, expertise, and trustworthiness to directly influence consumer evaluations.

a. separate family names for all products

b. individual names for each product

c. blanket family names

d. brand revitalization

e. the brand discount rate

126. Four general strategies can be used in branding. Which of the following strategies is the one used by Kellogg’s when it follows a subbranding policy with Kellogg’s Rice Krispies, Kellogg’s Raisin Bran, and Kellogg’s Corn Flakes?

a. Individual names

b. Blanket family names

c. Separate family names for all products

d. Global names for all products

e. Corporate name combined with individual product names

Short Answer

127. Assume you are a marketing manager that wishes pursue a process of strategic brand management. List the four main steps that you would most likely go through to accomplish this task.

128. How does the American Marketing Association define the term brand?


129. What valuable functions can brands perform for the firm?


130. Your company desires to have positive customer-based brand equity. What has to occur for this to happen?

131. Volvo has a strong brand association with respect to brand knowledge when consumers perceive it as a very safe care (safety). Explain the concept of brand knowledge.


132. List five advantages shared by other strong brands that you will most likely need to emulate to accomplish this objective.


133. How does consumer knowledge play a role in the success of new products associated with existing brands?

134. Brand equity has five components—differentiation, energy, relevance, esteem, and knowledge. How are these components combined to produce brand strength and brand stature?


135. According to the BRANDZ model of brand strength, brand building involves a series of five sequential steps. What are those five sequential steps?

136. As a brand manager you would like to have your brand (brand name) to be protectible. Explain what you mean by “protectible” and give an illustration.


137. What is permission marketing and why does it work?

138. Distinguish between brand identity and brand image.

139. Identify the three important principles for internal branding presented in the text.


140. Given that the power of a brand resides in the minds of consumers and how it changes their response to marketing, there are two basic approaches to measuring brand equity. Briefly, describe each of these approaches.

141. If your marketing manager asked you to design and implement a brand value chain, explain what you have been asked to do.


142. Distinguish between brand equity and brand valuation.


143. Identify and define the two general categories into which brand extensions fall.


144. As a branding manager, you have recommended to your board of directors a corporate policy of blanket family branding. Write a brief statement outlining the advantages of blanket family branding.

145. Tide laundry detergent maintains the same market share it had 50 years ago because of the sales contributions of its various line extensions. Tide could be said to employ a preemptive cannibalization strategy in generating line extensions. What does this mean?

146. Scott Bedbury, author of A New Brand World, cites eight principles on which 21st-century branding should be built. List four of those principles.


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