GB590 Unit 4 Assignment

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Personal Reflection Essay

Find an article no older than 2006 on a company that faced an ethical dilemma. Develop a 800-1000 word personal essay that addresses the following:

1. Briefly describe the dilemma.

2. Discuss how the dilemma was resolved.

3. Provide a critique of the decision, examining the interests of all stakeholders.

4. Reflect on how their decision affects their company or brand image from your perspective.

Develop this paper as a 800-1000 word essay. Citations to the article are required. Provide additional citations to support other information you provide, being sure to use more than your personal opinion to gauge the answer to question three. While this paper is a personal reflection, do not use first or second person in your writing. Follow APA guidelines, providing a cover and reference sheet as well.

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