GB530-unit 5 Marketing Plan

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GB530: Marketing Management unit 5

Unit 5 BEMP Assignment Rubric
Introduction: The major project in this course is to complete a Brand
Extension Marketing Plan for one new product on the behalf of an existing for-profit organization.
Using the Marketing Plan guide found in Doc Sharing, complete and submit the following
components of your Marketing Plan.
Unit 5 Topic: Delivering Value
Refer to the BEMP Guide in Doc Sharing for assistance on this section. The Financials Section
contains some good examples for you to follow. Also refer to your Kaplan text sample marketing plan
at the end of Chapter 2.
4.1 Break-Even Analysis
? Explain when you will break even
? Include a break-even table/chart
? Explain the break-even table/chart
4.2 Sales Forecast
? Include your sales forecast for the first year by month.
? For the second and third years, include your forecasts by quarter.
? Identify the risks you face.
? Identify the most important components of sales performance.
? Keep your chart(s) relatively simple and reduce the total number of categories so that your
investors can quickly discern the information. Again, refer to the BEMP Guide in Doc Sharing
for assistance on this section.
4.3 Expense Forecast
List your expenses for the following items for the next three years:[GB530| Marketing Management]
? Web site
? Advertising
? Printed Material
? Development of retail channel
? Other (list)
? How will you monitor expenses/revenue?
? Identify what methods/reports and how often.
? How will you assess marketing effectiveness?
? How will you assess changes in the market environment?
5.2 Marketing Organization
? Roles and Relationships in Your Marketing Functions (who will be responsible and who will
implement this Brand Extension Marketing Plan?)
5.3 Contingency Planning
• Identify risks
• How you will monitor risks?
• How you will adapt to adversity?
• What options will you have?
The components of your Brand Extension Marketing Plan for Unit 5 are evaluated using this rubric.
Unit 5 Brand Extension Marketing Plan
Assignment and Grading Rubric
Criteria Possible
Break-even analysis including: a statement on when you will break even; inclusion
of a break-even table/chart; and explanation of the break-even table/chart
Sales forecast including: breakdown of first year by month and breakdown of
second and third years by quarter. Identified risks and the most important
20[GB530| Marketing Management]
components of sales performance
Expense forecast: list of expenses for the next three years 10
Controls: stated how you will monitor expenses and revenue; identified what
methods/reports will be used; stated how you will assess marketing effectiveness;
and stated how you will assess changes in the market environment
Marketing Organization: identified in some detail the roles and relationships in your
marketing functions
Contingency Planning: identified your risks and how y
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