Gabriel Garcia Marquez's "A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings"- The assignments in this course are scaffold meaning

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The assignments in this course are scaffold meaning that you will

perform several small assignments/tasks preparing you to write your papers.

You will not simply write one draft of the paper and turn it in. There is a

building process associated with the paper.

This is in part because time is the most precious commodity for

students and this allows time management of the paper. More importantly

this allows students unfamiliar with or out of practice with writing

literary essays to learn what is required and ask questions along the way.

You are not writing the essay this week. You are beginning the reading and

thinking process to prepare to write the paper next week.

This is the discussion question:

You may choose from the following short stories for assignments in the


Gabriel Garcia Marquez's "A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings"

Flannery O'Connor's "A Good Man is Hard to Find"

William Faulkner's "A Rose for Emily"

Jorge Luis Borges "The Garden"

D.H. Lawrence's "The Rocking Horse Winner"

Please review and choose one of the stories from the above list for

assignments this semester.You must read the story you choose before

answering the question.

I have provided a list of some media sources available about these stories

in the Student Lounge. Feel free to review them if you want to or to add

to them if you find something that might help fellow students make their

choice of story. It is not required that you look at these links.

Again it is required that you read your chosen short story before answering

these questions. Write a substantial paragraph for the answer to each of

these questions.

1.Why do you consider this short story to be interesting? How does it

relate to important events in your life or to the wider culture? What do

you consider to be most important for a reader to understand or relate to

this story? This is your opinion based on your reading of the story. Do not

bring in information from literary critics at this time.

2. Refer to material in the assigned reading about thesis sentences or to

material at the Purdue OWL concerning thesis sentences.

How to write a thesis sentence.

You are formally explaining the important points you discussed in answering

Question #1.

3. Refer to the material in the assigned readings about creating an outline

or to material from the Purdue OWL.

Developing an Outline

Create a sentence outline in which you expand upon the important points

noted in your thesis

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