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NUR3666 Evidence-Based Nursing and Research in Global Health Care

Group Discussion 7

Initial post due Saturday:

Retrieve the following full-text article from the Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature or similar search database:

Aurore, T., Deltombe, T., Wannez, S., Gosseries, O., Ziegler, E., Dieni, C., . . .Laureys, S. (2015). Impact of soft splints on upper limb spasticity in chronic patients with disorders of consciousness: A randomized, single-blind, controlled trial. Brain Injury, 29, 7–8, 830–836. doi:10.3109/02699052.2015.1005132

Review the article, looking for evidence of any ethical or legal issues that arose in the study and how the researchers dealt with them. Answer the following appraisal questions after reading this research article:

This study was a “single-blind” randomized trial. How does this differ from a double-blind study? Which kind of bias might it introduce into the study

The sample was recruited from two different physical sites and levels of care. Which kind of bias might this introduce into the study?

There were considerable inclusion and exclusion criteria for sample selection. What element of potential bias did each address?

How did the protocol protect against researcher bias?

How did the researchers isolate the effects of each treatment? Which controls were in place to ensure any differences attributable to a specific treatment?

Which other explanations can you think of for the differences between groups exclusive of the treatment?

Describe your level of comfort using these results as evidence for practice. How might these results be applied to nursing practice? What is the external validity—ecological and population—of this study?

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