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NUR3666 Evidence-Based Nursing and Research in Global Health Care

Group Discussion 4

Initial post due Saturday:

Retrieve the following full-text article from the Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature or similar search database:

Saadatmand, V., Rejeh, N., Heravi-Karimooi, M., Tadrisis, S., Vaismoradi, M., & Jordan, S. (2015) Effects of natural sounds on pain: A randomized controlled trial with patients receiving mechanical ventilation support. Pain Management Nursing, 16(4), 483–492.

Review the article, looking for evidence of any ethical or legal issues that arose in the study and how the researchers dealt with them. Answer the following appraisal questions after reading this research article:

Identify the inferential tests that were used in the analyses of data in this study. How are they appropriate for the research questions?

List the variables that were measured by the researchers. For each, identify the level of measurement represented by the variable.

The authors note that the visual analog scale may be considered a continuous (i.e. interval) measurement scale. Look up a visual analog scale and indicate if you agree or disagree with the authors; provide your rationale.

Review the demographic characteristics of the samples. Do you agree that the groups were statistically similar? Why or why not? Was each demographic variable reported with the appropriate summary statistic?

Which inferential test was conducted to determine if the intervention made a difference between groups? Was this the appropriate test to use? Why or why not?

Discuss whether the authors use tables and graphs appropriately to represent the data. How could the results reported in the tables be clearer?

Do the authors draw appropriate conclusions? Are the data overinterpreted, underinterpreted, or appropriately reported in the discussion and conclusion sections? 

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