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Choose 1 of these 3 topics and write a 3 page response - 750 words double spaced"Why did the North win the Civil War? Cite and weigh as many factors

as you think are relevant to answer this question. Trace the

Confederate military fortunes during the war. Could the South have

won? What were the points at which the war turned against the South?

Could these outcomes have been changed to favor the South?"

"How did the institution of slavery function, and what was its impact

on the slave? How did the planters seek to control their slaves? How

did the slaves respond to those efforts at control? What were the

means by which slaves asserted their own dignity and self-worth as

individuals and as a people? Explain the importance of the oral

tradition in slave societies?"

"Considering the beliefs of the Federalists and Democratic-Republicans,

which group was more progressive? Which group was more tradition-bound?

Which group asked for greater public trust in government? Given the

development of the United States to now, which group would you argue

was more correct in its approach to government authority?"
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