Essay #4: Exploring the Causes and Effects of a Stereotype/Norm

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Essay #4: Exploring the Causes and Effects of a Stereotype/Norm

Write a 8-10 page, or 2500-3000 word, thesis-driven essay exploring the causes and the effects of a stereotype or norm within popular culture. You should begin by giving a clear picture of what the stereotype/norm is, focusing first on anecdotes and examples from life or the media. You should then explore the possible causes and effects of this stereotype/norm.


Ø Main Cause: the cause that is the most important. The effect(s) would not have happened if this caused removed.

Ø Contributory Cause: the cause that helped lead to a phenomenon, but was not the main reason why it happened.

Ø Causal Chain: this describes a domino-like chain of events, with one thing and causing another to happen, finally leading to a conclusion.

Ø Post hoc fallacy: this is a common fallacy when exploring causes. This error in reasoning occurs when a writer assumes that because two things happened close together in time, one caused the other to happen. The author must have more proof beyond proximity in time to establish a causal relationship.


Ø Title: The title should be interesting and reflect the content of the essay.

Ø Introduction: The main purpose of your introduction is to set up the stereotype/norm of which you will be exploring the causes and effects.

Ø Thesis: Posit a clear, concise, focused claim at the end of your introduction. Your thesis should make reference to both the problem you are exploring and its most important causes or effects.

Ø Topic Sentences: Try to have a topic sentence in each paragraph with keywords that 1) link back to thesis and 2) encapsulate the content of the paragraph. In this essay, your topic sentences can each be a cause of the social problem.

Ø Logic and support: Make sure to consider the relationship between your central claim, your reasons/evidence, and your warrant (see page 350). Do not leave your warrant--your link between the claim and the evidence, the “since” statement—as a week, unstated assumption. Also, remember that causes and effects are often complex, so don’t oversimplify.

Ø Sources: 10 sources; five of which MUST come from library databases or hardcopy formats. 2 of the non-library sources can come from our textbook.

Ø Critical Thinking:You should show critical thinking by looking beyond the surface issues to bigger issues beyond them. For example, if people are eating fattening food, try to explore the social reasons why those people are eating fattening food (low prices, for instance).

Ø Conditions for rebuttal: Consider at least one alternative cause that you have not considered that could be a possible cause, and discuss why you don't think that cause is probable.

Ø Conclusion: In your conclusion, you could propose actions to help confront the issue (things like volunteer, give money, spread the word, etc.)


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