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1.    DJ Mathis (the owner) of Covers Books has decided to display the safe work and energy conservation practices information for the store and has decided that the best approach would be to design two posters, one addressing ergonomics and work organization, the other addressing energy and resource conservation. DJ has asked you to design and create these posters and then present them for approval.
a.    Ensure that the company logo and page layout and font selection comply with the style guide, however, DJ has given approval to be creative in terms of the overall document layout.
b.    Design color posters so that DJ Mathis has the option to print the posters in color or greyscale as he wishes.
c.    Use the style guide (appendix 1) to design two A4 size posters as detailed in the following procedures.

2.    Design and develop posters.
a.    Use software functions available to you (such as alignment, text, and image importing, WordArt, SmartArt) to ensure that the design of the document is appropriate.
b.    Use the software functions to ensure that each poster will print on a single A4 sheet, without compromising the design or layout.
c.    Use manuals, user documentation and online help to overcome problems with document design and production.
d.    Proofread the document.
e.    Save the poster using the following format: [Your initials] Ergonomics Poster ddmmyy, for example, ‘DP Ergonomics Poster 010610’.
f.    Complete a cover sheet (appendix 2) for your poster.
g.    Print a copy of your poster (color or black and white) and the cover sheet.
h.    Submit the printed documents and a copy of your file to your assessor.

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