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Essay #1: Rhetorical Analysis

For Essay #1, please write a summary and analysis of any of the articles from Ch. 14 assigned by your instructor. Your audience is educated peers who have read the article, and are wondering what you think about it.

Your rhetorical analysis must include a summary of what the article argues, and also an analysis and evaluation ofhow well the article makes its points.

Your essay should include those elements of summary that Greene and Lidinsky recommend:

  • the context of the article
  • a clear statement of what you feel to be “the gist” of the article
  • a description of the key claims of the article
  • 1-2 relevant examples (direct quotations or paraphrases) from the article

As no summary is neutral, you must weave an analytical thread throughout your summary that suggests to the reader your judgment of the value of the article. You might consider including:

  • examine how well the article appeals to its intended audience
  • evaluate the author's use of evidence
  • identify the author's purpose or motivation for writing
  • point out the gaps and flaws in the article's argument

Do not attempt to summarize every last detail of the article. Instead, focus on the gist of the article and your analysis of the how well the article supports its points.

Because an analysis is your perspective, it is appropriate to use "I" in this essay. However, do use "I" sparingly -- your focus should be on analyzing the article, not on simply stating your own beliefs.

Guidelines for Essay #1

Length/Due Date: approximately 600 words,


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