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How does Voltaire portray El Dorado (Ch. 17-18)? How does it differ from 18th C. Europe, and what are the religious beliefs of the people?
Why does Candide decide to leave?

In Candide you can see what Daniel Gordon has described as “Voltaire’s double identity”: an engaged Enlightened opponent of injustice and intolerance, but also a skeptic about the limits of reason or theory in confronting the problems of human life. Discuss these positive and negative aspects of Voltaire’s message in the story.

He had gone through his discipline twice, and the regiment being composed of 2,000 men, they composed for him exactly 4,000 strokes, which laid bare all his muscles and nerves from the nape of his neck to his stern. As they were preparing to make him set out the third time our young hero, unable to support it any longer, begged as a favor that they would be so obliging as to shoot him through the head; his request being granted, a bandage was tied over his eyes, and he was made to kneel down.”

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