English 160 Composition 1 Module Three Assignment

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Directions: Please read “Born to be Different?” by Camille Lewis on page 311 of your textbook. When you have finished reading the article, answer the following questions with at least 250 words per question.

  1. Which of the following statements best represents the implied thesis of “Born to Be Different”? Explain.

    1. Although the author believed that gender differences were learned rather than inborn, experience with her own children convinced her otherwise.

    2. Researchers have described the typical female mental process as “empathizing” and the typical male process as “systemizing.”

    3. Many of the differences in the ways men and women think and behave may be due to their biological makeup.

    4. In order to live together happily, men and women need to appreciate one another.

  2. Which statement would best serve as a topic sentence for paragraphs 6 and 7?

    1. Because of their different construction, men’s and women’s brains function differently.

    2. Women are skilled at doing several tasks or holding several conversations simultaneously.

    3. Although men’s brains are larger than women’s, men and women score equally on tests of intelligence.

    4. Men’s brains have a larger allocation of white matter, which contributes to the ability to focus narrowly on a particular task.

  3. What statement below would best serve as the topic sentence of paragraph 11?

    1. Men solve problems quickly to demonstrate power and competence.

    2. Men’s approach to solving problems usually involves giving instructions.

    3. Men’s gestures of love are often unhelpful to women.

    4. Men’s approach to problem solving is the opposite of women’s

  4. Paragraph 8 states that the “empathizing” mindset “can be observed in virtually all aspects of women’s lives.” What evidence does Lewis provide to support that claim?

  5. According to the author, what are the three major differences between men and women?

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