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? A 6-8 page (excluding cover page, table of contents
and reference page) double spaced essay is required
by the end of Week 7 on Saturday at 11:59 pm.
? Failure to meet the due date will result in a loss of points
for every day late.
? Papers should be submitted via the Digital Drop Box as
a MS Word document as well as optionally to the
Discussion Board under Week 7 Essays for peer
collaboration, feedback, and review.
? The essay should use all the resources at your disposal
and references should be sited using standard
Paper Requirements
? The purpose of the essay is to demonstrate
competency with the material studied and increase
your learning in an area of your interest, not to
document what you already know
? Content & organization – 105 points
? Research sited – 105 points
? Grammar/Presentation – 90 points
? An "A" paper will be free from all but minor grammar
errors, well written, well organized, informative
content, and have both a bibliography and footnotes. I
expect elaboration and packaging of the information
presented in the text but not necessarily deep
research on topics not covered.
About You
? You are a consultant brought in by a fictional
company called Bumble Corporation to assist the
company with establishing a strategic plan for
growing their electronic commerce presence and
maintain the personalized services that made the
company’s traditional stores so successful
About Bumble Corporation
? Bumble Corp is a department store offering home
goods, fashion, and electronics
? The company currently has both a traditional brickand-mortar
presence as well as a recently launched
electronic commerce web site
? The company prides itself on its very personalized
services in its brick-and-mortar stores, where direct
customer and employee interaction is a key value that
is highly appreciated by its customers
? Bumble Corp believes that their online success is
directly tied to recreating their brick-and-mortar
customer experience in the E-Commerce space
Current Situation
? Existing Bumble Corp customers were excited
about the new online shopping opportunity from
the company they already trust and love
? However, these loyal customers quickly became
disillusioned by the very impersonal experience
? They found that their existing customer information
and profile was not accessible online even though they
were members in the company’s reward program for
many years, and some even had the Bumble branded
credit card
Current Situation
? The company has not been able to attract many
new customers
? Mainly because potential new customers were initially
interested based on word of mouth recommendations
from friends and family who had shopped at the
traditional stores before; these potential customers
wanted to try out the E-Commerce offering because
they did not have a local store themselves
? The problem: the great experiences described by their
friends and family just did not translate to the Bumble
Corporation’s online offering
Current Situation
? Bumble Corp has three centrally located
warehouses in the US; one each on the West and
East coast and one in Texas
? Online orders are currently processed and shipped
by the local store closest to the customer’s
shipping address
? Customers have complained that shipping and handling
times are very inconsistent
? Store managers have complained that store employees
don’t have the necessary resources or time to serve
both in-store customers and online customers
Your Assignment: Immediate
? Bumble executives are asking you to consider the
following areas for your strategic proposal
? How can Bumble Corporation turn its online business
into a successful E-Commerce experience?
? How can the company implement social commerce to
recreate their famous customer and employee
? How can the company reach new customers and turn
referrals from friends and family into loyal customers?
? How can the company improve its efficiency in order
fulfillment and increase customer satisfaction?
This part of the assignment should be at least 6 pages in length.
Your Assignment: Future
? Bumble executives are also curious about how mobile
commerce could potentially play into the company’s
strategic vision after a successful implementation of
your “Immediate” recommendations
? Write a single page memo to the Bumble Corporation
executive team describing the following key items:
? What is mobile commerce
? What companies currently play in the mobile commerce space
? Can mobile commerce be integrated into Bumble Corp’s
traditional brick-and-mortar shopping experience
? Your summary of how mobile commerce can interact with the
overall Bumble Corp shopping experience: both traditional and
Electronic Commerce
This part of the assignment should be 1 page in length.
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