EET 280 U2 Assignment Problems 2016

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Question 1:
The output voltage of an AM transmitter is given by

voltage is fed to a load of


500 1 0.4sin 3140t sin 6.28 107 t

. This

. Determine

a) The carrier frequency

f) The maximum envelope voltage=
g) The minimum envelope voltage=500-

b) The modulating frequency=

h) The Carrier Power=

c) The peak carrier amplitude= 500V
d) The peak modulating signal

i) The Sideband power= .

e) The modulation index=.4

j) The mean Power= (1+4^2/2)*156.25=

Question 2:
An audio frequency signal

50sin 2 10 t


10sin 2 500t

is used to amplitude modulate a carrier of

. Calculate

The modulation index=10
The sideband frequencies=
The sideband amplitudes=
The bandwidth

e) Total power delivered to a 700

f) Question 3:
g) A continuous spectrum baseband signal has a spectrum extending from near dc to 6kHz.
It is applied as an input to an ideal balanced modulator. The carrier input is a sinusoid
having a frequency of 1.2MHz.
a) Determine the ranges of frequencies contained in the DSB output spectrum
b) Determine the required transmission bandwidth
c) It is desired to convert the DSB signal described above to SSB signal by passing
the signal though an appropriate band pass filter. Determine the range of frequencies
contained in the output spectrum.
h) Question 4:
i) An AM signal has an unmodulated peak carrier level of 200 V. Determine the maximum
and minimum levels of the positive envelope for the following modulation percentages
a) 30%
b) 75%
c) 100%
j) Question 5:
k) For a single tone modulating signal of 5 kHz and a carrier frequency of 100 kHz, list the
frequencies appearing in the spectra of the following modulated signals
a) DSB
d) Conventional AM ( Full carrier AM)
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