EDU 675 Week 4 discussions

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  1. Adjustable Assignments, Compacting, and Grouping

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How are adjustable assignments, compacting, and grouping used in differentiated instruction? Provide a brief summary of each, as well as a strategy for implementing each technique discussed in the reading. Imagine that you are providing professional development on these topics. Which strategies from your reading would you use? Which strategies would you omit if time constraints did not permit you to use all of them? How would you assess the understanding and implementation of the training?

2. Graphic Organizers

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Chapter II-6 of your text discusses several graphic organizers that can be used for student success. Which of these have you used with students? Of those that you have not used, which would you try in a classroom? How can you differentiate instruction with graphic organizers? Discuss a concept that is important to you. Which graphic organizer would you use to teach this concept to your coworkers?

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