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NUR4895 Education Principles for Nursing Professional

Week 8 Assignment - Case study

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The nurse is facilitating an educational small group entitled “Easy and Tasty Heart Smart Nutrition.” Educational materials include basic information regarding physiology, medications, and recipes. Educational modalities include group discussions, videos, handouts, and hands-on cooking activities. The following describes members of the group as well as characteristic interactions within the group and to the nurse.

Jerry: A 65-year-old, married, Caucasian male with a history of two previous heart attacks with quadruple bypass. He wears glasses but frequently forgets them; he has no other sensory deficits. As a high-school graduate, he is currently retired with a pension from 30-years work in a car factory and lives comfortably in a middle-class neighborhood. Jerry often complains of being tired but actively participates in hands-on demonstrations.

Alejandro: A 50-year-old, divorced, Hispanic male with two grown children living within two hours of him. He is diagnosed with hypertension, high cholesterol, and angina. He speaks English as a second language, has an eighth-grade education, and is currently unemployed. Alejandro enjoys the hands-on demonstrations and videos but reports that he is “not good at following directions.” He does not have any sensory deficits that would impede learning but often appears unkempt.

Zari: A 45-year-old, married, African-American female diagnosed with cardiomyopathy. She has a slight hearing loss but does not have a hearing aid; no other sensory deficits are noted. Zari works part time as a clerk for a small, family-owned dry cleaning business. She admits she does not like technology and does not like to cook. She is always well-dressed, but she has shared with the nurse that buying food and budgeting is a challenge.

Minsun: An active 70-year-old, single, Korean female diagnosed with atrial fibrillation and hypertension. Minsun wears glasses and appears slightly hard-of-hearing at times but does not have a hearing aid; she does not have any other sensory deficits. Minsun spoke Korean as a child but has spoken English since middle school both at home and in the community. Minsun runs an herbal stand in the local farmer’s market on the weekend during the summer; she travels frequently during the winter. Minsun loves to cook and often alters the recipes. She does, however, love to participate in all group activities and often takes short notes.


Based simply on the description of the group members, which member would the nurse be most concerned about regarding literacy and why?





The goal of the nurse is to ultimately have the group members make appropriate nutritional choices by being able to choose and follow recipes surrounding heart health. Which term best describes the nurse’s goal? Identify and describe your response.


Functional literacy.

Health literacy.


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