Eastern NUR4895 2019 September Week 6 Assignment Latest

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NUR4895 Education Principles for Nursing Professional

Week 6 Assignment

Review the following case study.  Respond to questions one and two.  Please use APA format.

The nurse discusses new policies with an administrative committee in relation to healthy behavior promotion. The mission of the committee is to improve health outcomes among the client populations through educational campaigns. Strong discussions surround compliance and adherence terminology, and the nurse describes motivational concepts and theories believed to increase outcomes and patient satisfaction

The nurse needs to educate the committee regarding terminology connotation. The nurse describes a patient on a spectrum of health and wellness who is actively participating in goal setting and meeting outcomes. Which term best describes this situation and why?

The committee desires to control costs relating to educational activities but does not want to limit spending if behaviors will change. Which suggestion by the nurse can ensure a patient is motivated to participate in an educational activity, ensuring money is well spent.

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