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NUR4895 Education Principles for Nursing Professional

Week 3 Case Study

You are designing an education session for your colleagues on transition from a paper based documentation system to an electronic medical record (EMR) system.  Time is of the essence, and you have three 1-hour sessions planned to cover the information they need to incorporate the new EMR system into their daily practice.  Several of your colleagues are concerned about their ability to master the new system.  Jack, the nursing unit supervisor, confides, "I am terrified.  Learning a whole new system of documentation is overwhelming to my staff.  given so many of their other responsibilities.  I worry that this new EMR system will have a negative impact on morale, just at the time when we are feeling pressure to increase the amount of work that we do"

1.  Describe how you will structure the educational sessions using two of the psychological learning theories disused in chapter 3.  Explain why you chose each theory.

2.  Judge which learning theory can best assist you in addressing the issues your colleagues raise about their ability to master the new system and feelings of being overwhelmed.  Why did you choose this theory.

3.  What can you do to ensure that learning will become relatively permanent?

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