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NUR4895 Education Principles for Nursing Professional

Teaching Plan group project

The project will be as follows:

You are providing a class to a community group. Develop a culturally competent teaching plan for health promotion, disease prevention and population health for a diverse group of people with varied cultural backgrounds and languages. Identify your group and how you will address them.

The project will encompass creating a teaching plan for a group of individuals You can select the topic to teach and the way you will administer your lesson. You may also select two or three cultural backgrounds to use for your project.

Your book has example of teaching plans, but you can also find examples in the library resources or online.


Group Awesome

Group Brilliant

Group Confident

Group Excell


Kim Armstrong

Jacqueline Galette

Adriana Nunes


Brandy DeWind

Colette Hendren


Dana Dolin

Jennifer Touris

David Rapp

Zane Fields

Meghan Murphy

Kathleen Springer



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