Earthquakes and Mountains - How are Earthquakes Measured

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Earthquakes and Mountains
  1. How are Earthquakes Measured? Earthquakes are measured Ritcher scale fro 0-10. (Jennifer Martinez)
  2. What is the Richter scale and what numbers does it use?
  3. How does a Seismograph measure earthquakes intensity?
  4. How are tension, compression, and shear stress different, and where do they tend to occur on Earth?
  5. How is crustal folding different from faulting?
  6. How are Normal Faults different from Reverse faults and strike slip faults?
  7. What type of fault is the San Andreas? Why?
  8. Where do the strongest Earthquakes occur on Earth?
  9. Where do the deadliest Earthquakes tend to occur on Earth?
  10. What are Earth's Major Mountain Ranges?
  11. What are life zones?
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