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Part I: Staffing Models

Understanding the staffing requirements is crucial to the success of any organization. In order to be able to effectively address this task, the HR professional must become familiar with the various staffing models.

Review the staffing models presented in the textbook. In your opinion, what merit is there, if any, in using more than one staffing model in a company or creating a hybrid model, which combines elements of several models? Mention each staffing model presented in the textbook and articulate the merits of each model. Then, discuss how you might create a hybrid model and explain the merits of such a model.

Part II: SWOT Analysis of Electronic Recruiting Tools

With access to the Internet, applicants can virtually apply for a job anywhere in the United States or in another country. Monster.com and Craigslist have strategically marketed themselves as one of the many electronic recruiting sources available to individuals seeking employment.

Consider the impact of electronic recruiting tools, such as Monster.com, Craigslist, and others. Conduct a SWOT analysis of electronic recruiting tools in general, listing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of using these electronic tools. In order to do this task, visit and review at least two e-recruiting Web sites.

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