devry university MGMT-303 4 weeks discussion managment

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week 1 discussion

Who Is a Manager? (graded)

Based on what you have read in the Griffin text, how would you define a manager? Can anyone be a manager? Why or why not?

Managerial Ethics (graded)

Explain how top management impacts ethics within an organization.

week 2 discussion

Business Decisions (graded)

The book tells us that managers (and everyone, really) often have imperfect information upon which to make a decision. Therefore, we are constrained by bounded rationality (limited in terms of our skills, and what information we can access and process) and try to quickly identify the solution that meets our minimum standards.

Performing a SWOT Analysis (graded)

Think of a major organization. Identify that organization and think through the SWOT analysis for that organization. What are the competitive advantages of the organization you identified? Explain how you arrived at that decision.

week 3 discussion

Multiculturalism and Diversity (graded)

Let us discuss the statement below. Include some external research via the DeVry University Library or credible Internet sites to support your opinion.

"Diversity is desirable for innovation, flexibility, and organizational success."

New Business Ventures (graded)

Discuss the reasons why small businesses are so important to the U.S. economy.

week 4 discussions

Job Specialization (graded)

Let's compare two jobs: an airline pilot and an airline ticket agent. Are these different jobs in terms of the five job characteristics approach?

Resistance to Change (graded)

Successful organizations often go through a series of planned changes. How do you define the term planned change? Give an example of a planned change. Can unplanned change be good for an organization? Explain.

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