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week1 discussion 1

Aligning Operations Management & Strategy (graded)

What are the benefits to an organization that aligns their operations management processes with their strategic direction? Describe how your present organization aligns their operations management processes with their strategic direction. Please provide examples.

Week 1 discussion 2

Operations Management & Competition (graded)

Define and explain three different ways that a firm can utilize operations management as a competitive advantage. Describe how well your present organization practices this concept and please provide examples.

Week 2 discussion 1

Forecasting (graded)

Describe the steps that are used to develop a forecasting system. Explain the benefits of using a forecasting system.

Week 2 discussion 2

Design of Goods & Services (graded)

Explain what is meant by the moment of truth in service design. Why is it so important for businesses to understand this concept?

Week 3 discussion 1

Managing Quality (graded)

Explain the role and behaviors of the operations manager in addressing the major aspects of service quality. Please provide examples.

Week 3 discussion 2

Process Strategy (graded)

Name and briefly describe the four basic process strategies. Now, identify a unique product or service that is created utilizing each of these strategies. Can you make your example unique?

Capacity Planning (graded)

Distinguish between the definitions of the following: design capacity, effective capacity, and efficiency. Explain their importance to OM and also describe how they are linked. Please provide examples.

Week 4 discussion 2

Location Strategy (graded)

There are organizations that frequently make location decisions based on region, country, community, etc. Identify at least three factors upon which these decisions are based; provide examples and discuss the impact of these decisions on the organization.

Week 5 discussion 1

Layout Strategy & Inventory Management (graded)

Identify the seven layout strategies defined in Chapter 9. Then explain in detail the layout strategies that your present or past firm has utilized. Describe in detail, whether you think they are using the correct strategy and if not, identify which one(s) they should be using.

Week 5 discussion 2

Supply Chain Management (graded)

Identify what the objectives of supply chain management are. Then describe in detail the type of issues (the pros and cons of their systems) your present firm or past firm is experience with their supply chain management processes.

Week 6 discussion 1

Aggregate Planning & Scheduling

List the strategic objectives of aggregate planning. Which one of these is the most important? Please explain why.

Week 6 discussion 2

JIT & Lean Systems (graded)

Identify and discuss three lean techniques that work in both the manufacturing and service sectors? Please provide examples.

Week 7 discussion 1

Maintenance and Reliability (graded)

What is the objective of maintenance and reliability? How can these assist in providing a competitive advantage?

Week 7 discussion 2

Human Resource Strategies (graded)

Identify the five core characteristics of good job design. Relate them to your job at work and describe how well your job design measures up to the five core characteristics of good job design.

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