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Essay Requirements:

Possible subjects for your descriptive/narrative essay include an event that:

Inspired you

Scared you

Taught you a lesson

No child-birthing or high school graduation stories (I can hear your protests all the way from North Carolina) because many of us have these experiences and they tend to have a “sameness” about them.

Your essay should have an attention-getting openingstatement and conclude with a poignant statement that reemphasizes the most important part of your description (Enlarging the description into a life lesson is often effective.)

Length Requirement:

400 - 500 words, as counted by Microsoft Word on the bottom left-hand corner of the screen (Careful editing is an important part of the writing process. Be sure that your essay does not exceed 500 words).

Diction Requirements:

This paper is highly personal. Therefore, all personal pronouns are allowed, including “I” and you,” and contractions are allowed. Adhere strictly to proper grammar and mechanics.

Word Processing Requirements:

The body of the paper must be typed according to MLA style guidelines, even if you have no sources. (These are the requirements found in “Sample MLA Essay" and "Formatting a Paper in MLA Style" handouts found under "Course Documents and Resources").

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