Describe the basic mechanics of implementing

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In fewer than 100 words per item answer or address the following questions:

Describe the basic mechanics of implementing a Poison Pill antitakeover measure.
Explain the benefits of a Poison Pill provision.
Explain why Poison Pills provisions often result in reduced Stockholder wealth.
Why has the use of Poison Pills declined so much since the year 2000.
Please submit your answers as an Uploaded Word document.

Also, please make sure you put your name somewhere on your homework. You lose points if you don't do that.

assignment 2

you can write about Bangladesh Garments sector
Your assignment here is to submit at a one full page and a half introduction to your integrated project. I am not asking for an abstract. You really cannot write an abstract until you are done with the project.
Your introduction should include a title page and be written in APA format. This is due by Friday, October 6 at 11 PM. Submit this assignment here.
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