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Discuss strategies, risks, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of using IT systems in a specific business at a management level. Consider issues such as short-term and long-term decisions for present and future strategies and business opportunities. Consider economical trends, industry changes, organizational risks that will affect the decisions for use of IT to maximize business goals for now and the future.

Company Name: Dell

Supporting Question From Lecture

1. How do manager Use IT?

2. How to use IT for Future Strategies for decission for now and future?

3. How to use IT to avoid risks from economy, government, competitors?

Discuss about

Under SWOT Analysis

Management Information System (MIS)

Decission Suport System(DSS)

Knowedlege Management System(KMS)

Business Intellegence System(BIS)

Business Strategy

Study Anual Report and find about their

- strategy

- What IT to plan for future strategy

Economical Trend

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